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            Suppliers can now upload and share their Datasheets with Buyers. They can share them with specific individuals, with an organisation as a whole, or make them available to all users in the system. 

            You can also ask suppliers to share datasheet with you by asking to respond to a Datasheet Question in an RFx.

            Once a supplier has shared a datasheet,

            Collecting your supplier’s datasheet has numerous benefits:

            • Staff have access to the latest information for risk assessments, PPE assessment, COSHH and product / supplier selection.
            • User can search for providers and invite them to RFQ, Tender or Auction.
            • Business Users can search for a product or service and then raise a requisition for approval by the Central Procurement Team.
            • Supplier can maintain / update their datasheets through their account meaning you don’t have to chase them for new information each year.

            Where to find them

            You can search through the SourceDogg supplier database by first clicking on the ‘Manage Suppliers’ tile on your homepage or ‘Supplier Management’ at the top of the page.

            Searching for a Datasheet

            1. On the Supplier Management screen, you can search through the database for Datasheets by ticking the box next to ‘Datasheets’ 
            2. Followed by typing your keyword into the search box and clicking ‘Search’.
            3. This will bring up a list of the Suppliers that have Datasheets that feature this word. This could be in the Datasheet title, a tag or a word in the text of the document. To access the Datasheets, click on ‘View Datasheet Search Results’.

            If your search word is broad and returning too many results, you can also use it in conjunction with the other search filters, such as limiting results to suppliers in your Supplier Pool and/or which country they are based in, as shown above.

            Viewing Datasheets

            Clicking on the “View Datasheet Search Results” option will open the Datasheets tab on the Supplier Profile of the related supplier

            1. Clicking on this will bring you directly to the Datasheets tab of the Supplier’s profile page.
            2. You can further filter down your search results by ticking or unticking the boxes here to show results from the Datasheet Title, Buyer tags, Supplier Tags and Document content.
            3. Clicking on this icon will show you the section of the document that contained your search word.
            4. Clicking on the “thumbnail” image of the datasheet will allow you to view the file in a pop-out window. See example below:

            At the top of the “full view” screen you have the following options:

            1. Search the text of the document
            2. Cycle backward and forwards between pages / slides in the datasheet
            3. Zoom in and out
            4. Print the datasheet or download to your computer

            Supplier Profile

            You can also access any Datasheet uploaded by a Supplier and shared publicly by going to their Supplier Profile page. 

            To find this, locate the Supplier by searching for them in the ‘Supplier Name’ box (1) and then clicking on ‘View full profile’ under their name from the search results.

            1. Once their profile is opened click on the ‘Datasheets’ tab. 
            2. It is also possible to search the Supplier’s profile page from anywhere using the ‘Search this supplier’ box.  
            3. If you do this you can further filter down your search results by ticking or unticking the boxes to show results from the Datasheet Title, Buyer tags, Supplier Tags and Document content.
            4. To open a specific Datasheet, click on the cog opposite it and select ‘View details’. This gives you a summary of the Datasheets details (see next graphic). Clicking directly on the image will open it directly.

            1. The description the Supplier has given this Datasheet.
            2. All current, and previous, versions of the Datasheet are listed here.
            3. Clicking on the document link downloads and opens the document.
            4. Any tags the Supplier has attached to this Datasheet as well as any tags your organisation have attached.

            Uploading Datasheets

            As part of your SourceDogg licence, your account can also perform Supplier functions and so it’s possible for you to upload your own Datasheets if you so wish.

            There’s a guide on how to upload and manage your Datasheets in the Suppliers section of the User Guides.

            Requesting Datasheets from Suppliers

            Suppliers can share their datasheets with you in two ways:

            1. You can ask for their datasheets using the “Datasheets Question” in an RFx. 
            2. Suppliers can share independently from their account.

            Datasheet Question

            There is a new “Datasheet” question available in the “Content” section of requests. 

            A draft Datasheet Question will appear as below:

            1. Text box where you can specify what Datasheet you want or give instructions.
            2. Tags entered in this field will be applied to all Datasheets uploaded by the Supplier in response to this question. 
            3. Set the question as mandatory by ticking this box. If the question is mandatory the Supplier must upload at least on Datasheet in order for the system to allow them to submit.
            4. This an example of what the question will look like from the Suppliers point of view. As you can see, the Supplier has the option to group their Datasheets into “Batches” and enter tags to be assigned to each batch. The Supplier can create as many Batches as required, each with a unique set of tags.

            Datasheets will only become available to search and view on Supplier Profiles after the Supplier has submitted their response and the request deadline has passed.

            Supplier Sharing from their Account

            Every Supplier account has a Datasheet area of the Settings menu where Suppliers can upload Datasheets, manage and update datasheets and choose who to share Datasheets with. For more information on this area, please reference the Supplier version on the Datasheets guide.

            In this area Suppliers have the option to make Datasheets “Visible to All Buyers”, in which case every User in a SourceDogg Buyer account with access to Supplier Management area will be able to view this Datasheet or Batch of Datasheets.

            Suppliers can also share with your account specifically by entering your email in the “Share with Individuals” area of their Datasheets settings. If you request that a Supplier share with you using this method, please note that the view permissions for the Datasheet will not be limited to the User whose email is entered. All other User’s in their account will also have access to the Datasheet via the Supplier Profile.

            Updated: 13 Dec 2018 12:56 AM
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