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            Private Q&A

            Supplier Q&A is a section, within a Request, that is used to communicate with Buyer Organisation. Likewise, Buyer Organisations use this section to make announcements to Suppliers.

            You can access Q&A section by entering a Request and clicking on a blue button ‘Supplier Q&A’ at the ‘My Response status’ sidebar.

            When new message is posted by a Buyer Organisation, a number appears on the Q&A section button indicating how many new posts are in there.


            Any time new post is published in Q&A section, you will receive an email notification about it.

            You can respond to a Post by a Buyer or post your own question.

            The ‘Attach files’ button allows you to attach any file into the post. Files can either be taken form SourceDogg document Library or your Computer.

            You can ‘save’ message as draft, before it is sent to Buyer Organisation, or you can send it to the Buyer Organisation straight away by clicking ‘post’.

            Your posts are private in the Private Q&A, which means that only the Buyer has visibility of the post. The green indicator ‘Private’ appears on the right-hand side of the message once posted.

            Once message has been posted, it is Time & User Stamped.

            You can remove message at any time if wish so. The message is then removed from your account and from Buyer account. To do so, simply click on ‘Remove’ at the bottom right corner of the message.


            Public Q&A

            If the Buyer activates the Public Q&A, this will change some of the features of the message board. The information that you post WILL be visible to all other suppliers invited to the RFx event, however your company details, such as company logo, company name and contact name will be anonymised.

            It is important to remember that any text you post will be visible to other suppliers and therefore you should be carefully considering the information you post.

            When Public Q&A is activated, this information will be displayed to you on the Q&A page in a form of warning and also a pop up window when you are about the post a new message.

            The status of your message will be displayed as “Public”. You can delete the message at any stage by clicking on the “Remove” button.

            When the buyer replies to your message, you will receive an email notification from SourceDogg. Using the link in the email will bring you directly to the Q&A board. The content of the message from Buyer will be visible to all suppliers participating in the RFx event.

            Updated: 13 Dec 2018 12:35 AM
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